Secure and scalable photo-sharing for your business!

  • Increase customer loyality, user engagement and customer satisfaction.
  • Sell existing products with added value to increase sales.
  • Unique communication channel between your customers and employees.
  • New marketing opportunities and tailored promotions.
  • Seamless integration into your existing infrastructure or new branded clients possible.
  • Works well on iOS, Android, Windows and the web.

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Picturex - Secure and scalable photo-sharing for your business! Picturex - Secure and scalable photo-sharing for your business!

Increase sales, user engagement & customer loyality

  • Increase Customer Loyality

    Give your customers the ability to exchange photos during and after any event (e.g. wedding, company gathering, sports event, vacation). This added value to your products increases interactions after an event, making it more likely to sell again.

  • Increase Sales

    Offer your customers an added benefit to the products sold or inform them about upcoming products and promotions to icnrease sales.

  • Ideal for Marketing Promotions

    Unique features, such as photo watermarks, push-notifications and chat with users, vouchers, contest and statistics make Picturex for Business the ideal marketing tool.

  • Integration in existing Infrastructure

    Picturex' service-architecture is flexible to accommodate your preferences to integrate it with existing services and/or to create new apps with your company branding.

Picturex is feature rich!

Example Use Case 1:
Sell more Photo-Books & -Printouts

Challenge: Ordering photo-books and printouts promptly and from good quality photos after a social event (e.g. wedding, birthday party, vacation with friends) as it's often extremely cumbersome to collect all photos taken by different guests at an event.

Solution: With Picturex, users easily collect all photos taken during this event in a shared photo album in a timely manner and can then conveniently order photo-books, printouts, wall arts, etc. The "momentum" is used, customer satisfaction can be increased and they are more likely to buy other photo products again.

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Example Use Case 2:
More fun at organized Events

Challenge: Give customers a longer-term benefit of after attending an event, increase customer loyality and user enggement, and with it, get new customers.

Solution: The Picturex-Service can easily be adapted and branded to your infrastructure, to add an easy, private and high-quality exchange of photos taken at events you organized. This makes every event last longer, increases the guest's user engagement with your service and additional offers and increases customer loyality. Unique Picturex features, such as the Web Client Live Slideshow, make events more fun and let people relive the best moments of any event afterwards.

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Example Use Case 3:
Add value for your Travel-Customers

Challenge: Offer customers additional benefits for booking with you and inform them about new trips, offers and promotions.

Solution: As an added value to trips customers buy from your travel agency, you can offer them a private photo album where they collect travel photos together, to conveniently exchange the best moments of their trip. A branded version for your company can further be used as a direct future contanct to your customers to inform them about new trips or travel promotions.

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Unlimited possibilities
with Picturex for Business

Picturex is ideal to exchange photos with customers or employees by creating a unique and fun communication channel, while respecting all privacy and security concerns.
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Designed with Privacy in mind

Data privacy and protection guaranteed by our unique authentication system, data encryption and access authorization.

More unique features

Things like a party-mode with live slideshows during events, algorithms to make up- and downloading of photos easier and a simple sharing-mechanism.

Multi-Platform Availability

Picturex works well on iOS, Android, Windows and the web! You choose the platforms to integrate with.

High Quality Photo Exchange

Photos can be exchanged in full (or a desired) quality which is ideal for printing or post-editing.


Picturex is built to scale well, thanks to our cloud infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. If you want to use your own backend to store photos, that's fine with us too!


We have 6 years of experience in application engineering, mobile web/app development, cloud solution design, connecting ERP/CRM with CMS and social media. Contact us to learn more.

Picturex is feature rich!
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