Picturex: Frequently Asked Questions

Picturex is very simple and easy to use. But if something is unclear, you find answers for the most common questions here.
If you still have some open questions, you can always contact us via email.

What is Picturex?

Have you ever waited days or weeks for others' pictures after a party, company event or city trip? Picturex is the solution! Picturex is the easiest way to exchange pictures with friends, family and acquaintances in high quality using your smartphone.

How does Picturex work?

A user creates a new photo album in just a few clicks, invite others to join it and upload all the pictures of choice. Every invited person can also up- or download pictures. So, everyone can keep the best pictures and memories and easily enjoy them at any time.

Picturex makes it very easy for you to upload pictures: You can not only manually upload selected pictures or albums from your phone, but also upload all the pictures within a selected timeframe. If you enabled this feature, Picturex can automatically upload all the pictures you take (with your favourite camera or filter app) during your event or trip into the photo album if the app is opened.

Where's the photo album I was invited to?

If you received an invitation to a photo album, you can just click on the invitation link or scan the QR code on any device you have.
If you are using an iPhone or Android phone, click on "Join the album" and Picturex will automatically open the photo album and let you upload and download selected photos. On a Windows Phone, clicking on the share link will directly open the Picturex app and go into the photo album. If you don't have the Picturex app installed yet, you will be redirected to the app store where you can download the free app.

Where do I find the invitation link for the photo album that I can share with others?

Anyone with access to a photo album can invite you to join it. The invitation links are shared in several different ways: By email, text message clients (sms, Whatsapp, etc.) or any social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The easiest way to share an inviation link is if you just scan the QR code that is provided if you click the share button in your photo album! Depending on your phone, you can also invite someone via NFC technology.

Hint: When you export your photos to Swisscom myCloud, they are always exported in full quality and without a watermark!

Can I view my pictures on my PC/Mac?

Yes, you can! Navigate to web.picturex.ch and log-in with your Picturex PLUS account (which is the one you get when you login with Microsoft, Google or Facebook). In the web client you have the following features:

  • Access all your photo albums and join an existing one
  • Download photos in highest quality to your computer
  • Upload photos from your computer, ideal for your DSLR photos!
  • Have a live slide show of your photos on as hared screen or your TV, ideal for parties!
  • Create an account online in case you don't yet have one

My album expired. What now?

To make sure our photos are not saved somewhere in the web forever, photo albums are deleted by default after 14 days. This increases the security and privacy of your photos. Picturex is not a backup solution as we focus to help you easily collect photos during an event with friends and family! Here is what you can do:

  • upgrade your photo album to extend its expiration date (see next question for details)
  • download the photos to your phone
  • export them with a single click to the Swisscom myCloud (a free, secure Swiss-based cloud storage provider)

Picturex works with Swisscom myCloud

Click here to access your exported photos on Swisscom myCloud.

Why are some pictures greyed out?

Photos that are shown in gray are either photos that will be deleted soon since the album is about to expire, or the photo album is overflowing. You can not download greyed out pictures.

All free photo albums come with some limitations: they are deleted after 14 days, 200 photos can be uploaded, the photos have a watermark showing the owner of the photo, and the photos are not downloaded in highest resolution.

Of course, you can do something about that! You can upgrade the photo album using Picturex-credits. To upgrade an album, navigate into it on your phone, open the menu and click "upgrade album". Then you can select the items you want to upgrade: extending it, allowing more photos to be uploaded, removing the watermark, or enabling high resolution downloads. By the way, you can buy Picturex-credits within the app, and you even get 1000 Picturex-credits for free, when you log-in with your Facebook, Microsoft or Google account!

Can I download pictures from a photo album in high resolution?

Yes. Photos are always uploaded in full quality. By default, you can download photos in high quality. If you or someone else upgrades the photo album, everyone can download the pictures in full quality!

How can I manage the privacy of a photo album?

We think that you should be able to specify who has access to your private photos at any time. This is why we let you decide who can upload and download photos. You can also specify if everybody with a share link can join an album, or if you need to give them access. You can specify all of this in the photo album settings.

Can I delete photos in the photo album after I add them?

Of course! Anyone can delete any photo they upload. Also, the creator/owner of a photo album can delete any photo added to the album.

How can I delete a photo album?

As the photo album creator/owner, you can delete it if you go to the album's settings and click 'delete photo album'. If you are not the owner, you cannot delete the photo album but you can always leave it. Go to the album's settings and click 'leave photo album'.

What makes Picturex better than comparable services?

Picturex versus other services

What happens to my photos?

We value your privacy and want you to always have control over the photos you upload. This is why the photos are deleted from our servers when you delete a photo or a whole album. Additionally, the transfer of the pictures is done via the secure and encrypted https protocol. Did you know that you could also create a photo album to share pictures with others, but have a guarantee that they are really deleted when the album expires (by default after 14 days) - even if you forget about it?

For which platforms is Picturex available?

Currently, Picturex is now available for iPhone (iOS), Android and Windows Phone. And you can access all your photos and albums on the web via web.picturex.ch (you need to log-in with your Microsoft, Google or Facebook account to access your photos online).

Are my photo album's public?

By default, all photo albums you create are private and others get access only by invitation (from you). You or anyone with access can invite others into the photo album. You can also create a 'top-secret' photo album and specify who exactly has access to your photos and can upload/download photos. In the future, we will also let you create public photo albums to share your photos with every Picturex user. With every option, you have full control!

Am I notified, when someone uploads a new picture?

Yes. Picturex notifies you when someone uploads new pictures, joins your album, sends you a private message, or when the automatic picture recognition starts or ends. You are notified with push notifications and inside the app. If you placed the app on your start screen, you are also notified on the Live Tile.

Why do I need to register and how is the information used?

You don't have to register with Picturex. You can just type in a name (and optionally, select a profile photo) and start immediately. In case you want more security and sync your photo albums across multiple devices, we need to authenticate your identify with one of the login providers (Facebook, Microsoft Account, Google+, Twitter). The data you grant us access to is ONLY used for the authentication:

  • To pre-fill your private profile, we only need your prename, name, profile picture and your mail address.
  • Your email address is only used for the authentication and is never shared with anyone.
  • You can delete your Picturex account and any linked data at any time.
  • We NEVER post anything on Facebook, Twitter & co., without asking your permission.
  • We NEVER give any of your data to third parties.
  • The providers used to register your Picturex account (Facebook, Google & Co.) are only needed for the registration process. NO data (pictures, usage data, etc.) is transmitted to these or similar institutions.

Who is behind Picturex?

Picturex is developed and maintained by an innovative Swiss team from MIT Innovation AG. This is Swiss Made Software!

A language is missing!

Picturex is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Turkush and Italian. We are currently working on the Turkish translation. If you are missing a language or want to help us translate the app into your language, please contact us via email. Thank you!

How much does Picturex cost?

Picturex is free for everyone. With every photo album you create, you can use an album with 200 pictures for 7 days for free! If you want to extend the photo album (more pictures, longer duration, remove watermark, download in high quality), you can use our Picturex Credit System. When you register, you already get enough credits for free, to try all the upgrades. If you need additional credits, you could buy an in-app package for a very reasonable price. By the way, the current prices are promotional prices and might be adapted once we add more features... If you buy such an in-app package, you help us cover our development, server, infrastructure, promotion and support costs and make it possible to continue delivering constant and innovative updates on the several platforms. Thank you!

Do you have any other questions?

No problem. We would love to help you via email.

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